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MoonCycle Alt Guidance 1/2 to 1 hour $10 to $20

One to one Session, we go over your Menstrual Cycle needs and preferences. Knowing your preferences I can guide you to the best reusable's for your needs taking some of the guess work out of finding the right Reusable Alternative for your MoonCycle.
We explore my Sample options to find the one that you want try. I do not sale reusable's, but by handling and being able to experience how my samples work you can be more confident in the reusable's you buy for yourself. However I can guide you to where they are sold online or if their sold locally...

So I am trying to keep my Session fees low. As I want to make sure you have money to get your own MoonCycle Reusable Alternative(s) with out too much extra coast. Thus the Donate Button. If we are meeting for a 1/2 hour $10 minimum & a full hour $20 minimum. please Enter your amount with above Donate Button, thank you.

Also Sessions can be at your home or mine. When you book your appointment if you choose to have your session at my home I will give you my address. For general reference my home is in Sandy near Lone Peak Park.

MoonCycle Alternatives Workshop about $5 per person 

Interactive presentation with Samples to explore and ask Questions about. Plus Info and leaflets.

Clove can come to your location with the Workshop for $5 per person or I have two locations one smaller (10 or less) & a larger (up to 30 attendees) for additional fee as I have to rent these spaces. I am happy to handle details. Just contact me and we can work out the date,time, and Fees. After we come to a understanding on the overall fee with rental, please return here to enter and pay below by way of the Donate button.


I have no deals with any companies of reusable's at the moment, if I do in the future I will still guide you on what option is best for you not on any deal. As these choices should always fit the individual, not my pocket book.

Also be aware that even with my guidance you may have try a few sizes or types of Alternatives before you find the Best & most comfortable option for you.  Please know that over time your body changes. You may fine that you need to buy different size Reusable's, but you will usually get years of use out of cloth pads and Menstrual cups other wise.

So why come for Guidance? Together we can cut down the process & coast of finding what works for you. 

I personally had to try a a good varity of different styles of cloth pad/pantyliner's & then added the sea sponges before I found a combination that works well for my MoonCycle. Now 7 years later I am adjusting a bit again.