MoonCycle Alternatives

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Would you like to Green your Menstrual Cycle?

Did you know that there is more for your Cycle than disposable pads and Tampons?  
Do you find pads and Tampons uncomfortable? smelly? painful in anyway? Drying? 
A costly monthly expense?
Would you like to use devises that are private, comfortable, and reusable? 

That will save you money, time, and would be healthier for you & the Earth?

Would you like to have a opportunity to learn about and handle samples of these reusable options in person?

To be able to talk with someone who has experience using reusable menstrual products?

That is what I am offering  here in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. I think of myself as a Moon-cycle Alternatives Educator. I focus on Menstrual Alternatives that are Earth friendly, reusable, safe and can possible aid you to a  healthier MoonCycle. 

When women find out about reusable's many hesitate do to what is perceived as a ick factor, also:

The investment into some reusable's is higher than others. However usually pay for them selves within two years or less.

What do they feel like? 

How do they work? 

Can I evening use it with my body shape inside (for internal devises)? 

Plus many more questions I would love to help answer. 

If I can not answer a question I will find a answer or connect you with great resources.

Please consider booking Guidance session with Clove. Or perhaps you and your friends or group would like a Workshop or Party focused on Reusable MoonCycle (menstrual) Alternatives? Check out my Rates & Services page.